Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Julia Gillard Moves to 19

Tomorrow, Prime Minister Julia Gillard will become the 19th longest serving Prime Minister in Australia’s history clocking up 1 year and 271 days in office.

Of Australia’s 27 Prime Ministers since 1901, Ms Gillard has served a longer time in office than McMahon, Cook, Reid, Watson, Fadden, McEwen, Page and Forde.

By this time next year, she will have overtaken Holt, Scullin, Rudd and Barton and move into 15th place.

If the election is held after 24 August 2013 (get set for an October 2013 poll in my view) and even if she loses, Ms Gillard will have then overtaken Whitlam and Gorton and become the 13th longest serving PM.

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