Sunday, 15 January 2012

Of Electricity, Beer & Mars Bars

Some wise heads suggested that I shouldn’t take too much notice of comments from usually anonymous contributors on any article published … and I think this is probably good advice.

That said, it is hugely interesting and enlightening to see how people responded when my article, Electricity versus Beers versus Mars Bars ( ) was published on the ABC’s The Drum this morning under the title, Worse Off Under The Carbon Tax?  Hardly…

Obviously The Drum has a wider audience than my humble blog, but I find it interesting to look at the 290 odd comments  for clues on how some people are viewing the carbon tax and cost of living issues when confronted with some facts on average household spending patterns.

It is clear from the comments how the political debate on dealing with the carbon price is going. 

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  1. The problem is your beer drinking and cigarette smoking punter who also loves soft drinks and mars bars all vote labor. Bad health choices, lower socio economic, labor voters. The governments screwed.