Monday, 26 December 2011

A food guide to English test cricketers

A change of pace - it's holiday time and the cricket is on.

Looking through some test cricket history, the following "fantasy team" for England stood out.

In more than 130 years of test cricket, there have been 650 people who have played for England. Based on their surnames, below is a food lovers guide to a fantasy English cricket team.

Alistair Cook (2006 to present)

Fred Bakewell (1931 to1935)

Allan Lamb (1982 to 1992)

Mark Butcher (1997 to 2004)

CB Fry (1896 to 1912)

George Bean (1892)

Graham Onions (2009 to present)

Steven –SharkFinn (2010 to present )

Bob Berry (1950)

Derek Pringle (1982 to 1992)

Graeme Swann (2008 to present)

Two players missed out:

Peter Willey (1976 to 1986)

Jack Crapp (1948 to 1949)

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